IMTC is an organization by students for students meant to push the limits of aspiring mathematicians. We intend to do so by providing a place where students under the age of 18 can compete in a tournament. IMTC is a competition that is held every 6 months, once in the winter and once in the summer. During the months leading up to our contests, our staff works hard to make sure that our problems are original and enjoyable


The competition is divided into two sections, Division A and Division B. Both divisions are open to all participants in grade 12 or under, however, each competitor may only compete in one division. Division A, being similar in format and difficulty to AIME, is tailored towards those with a background in competition math, while Division B is aimed at participants who have had less experience in competition math.

Contest Format

Division A consists of 15 questions taken over a period of 3 hours and is roughly in order of difficulty and was created to model the format and difficulty of an AIME. Division B consists of 15 questions taken over a period of 75 minutes. This exam is catered towards those who are newer to competition math. Both will be taken within any contiguous period strictly within the test window (make sure to begin well before the deadline to avoid any submission issues!). The answer to every question will be an integer from 0 to 999. Guesses will not be penalized and no partial credit will be awarded. Ties will be determined by comparing the hardest problems solved by each competitor. Good luck!

Sponsors & Prizes!

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Registration & Taking the Contest

If you want to participate in our contest, please fill out this form. Upon registering, you will receive login credentials for the portal in your email, where you can try out our sample problems and get a feel of the portal which you will use to take the contest when the contest window opens. Specifics will be emailed out to participants sooner to the test date. The tentative dates for the competition are August 24 (Thursday) to August 28 (Tuesday). Participants can complete the test any time during this window.

Contact Us

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